Concours Avenir - French engineering schools

The competitive entrance examination Concours Avenir brings together 7 leading Schools of Engineering, on 15 different campuses: ECE (Paris and Lyon), EIGSI (La Rochelle and Casablanca), EPF (Sceaux, Troyes and Montpellier) ESIGELEC Rouen, ESILV Paris – La Défense/Nantes, ESITC (Caen, Le Havre and Lyon) and ESTACA (St Quentin en Yvelines and Laval).

Concours Avenir stands out as the largest and most selective competitive entrance examination for Engineering Schools in France (12 000 candidates per year), increasingly attracting more students to its 7 member Schools each year.

Concours Avenir provides its candidates a unique, simple and efficient registration process: one application, one day of tests, reduced registration fees.

The Concours Avenir Engineering Schools have campuses all over France, offering students the possibility of accessing diverse sectors of activity such as onboard systems, cyber-security, computer science, E-health, environment & energy, aeronautics and space, automobile, quantitative finance, construction, mechatronics, urban planning, digital technologies, connected systems, etc.

Present for many years in the French higher education landscape, Concours Avenir Engineering Schools provide excellent Engineering Degrees,  highly recognized in Industry and widely acclaimed by Educational professionals in secondary and higher education (principals teachers, careers advisors, etc.).  In addition Avenir Engineering Schools have the same selection criteria for their candidates and have similar recruitment practices: they require students to have an advanced level in sciences and be open-minded and innovative, all necessary skills and qualities for future engineers.


Candidates from a French high school:

Every year, a large number of students from French and international high schools based abroad are candidates for the Concours Avenir and their excellent profiles are highly appreciated by the Avenir Engineering Schools.

The registration process takes place from January through to March each year via the ministerial portal. The Concours Avenir association examines academic files and invites candidates for written tests of the current year (in Mathematics, Physics, English and French). These tests may take place in their country of study (in the case of a partnership with one or more local institutions. The timetables are then adapted). If no local tests have been organized, candidates may be exempted from these tests.

NOTE : candidates who obtain their French Baccalaureate at the end of the calendar year (November/December) can then apply to start the school year at a later date in member schools, which is usually in March. They must then go through the Avenir+ process (online registration, academic file review and Skype interview. No written tests).


Candidates from a non-French establishment:

  • If you speak French, please contact the school you are interested in directly to find out the details of its specific registration process. *
  • If you don’t speak French, some Avenir Engineering Schools offer language courses and adapted programmes for non French speakers. Contact them!*


  • Candidates in higher education:

You can apply to Avenir Engineering Schools in both Undergraduate and Graduate programmes some Avenir Engineering Schools offer language courses and adapted programmes for non French speakers. Contact them!*